Because Of Cat Craze ,the Number Of Cats Over Dogs In Japan

- Jan 17, 2018 -

According to Japanese media reports, the Japan Pet Food Association (Tokyo) released a nationwide survey of cats and dogs in 2017, which estimated that cats surpassed dogs for the first time since their investigation in 1994.

It is reported that in view of no other on the number of domestic dogs and cats in Japan continued the large-scale survey, so Japan's two pet reversal drama or will become a topic.

The survey shows that the number of cats kept basically flat in recent years, but the number of dogs continued to decline. This year's estimate is 892 million dogs, cats 9.526 million, the number of cats finally exceeded the dog.

The personage pointed out that "there is a decrease in the number of people raising dogs who take care of walking and taking care of their dogs, such as the aging of people and the increase in number of living alone." On the other hand, some people think that the recent popularity of photo albums and advertisements, Cat Craze "also played a boost role.

It is understood that the Pet Food Association is Japan's pet food production and marketing enterprises in the industry group, the implementation of the survey online each year. Estimate the number of breeders based on the responses received from more than 50,000 people.