Why Do The Best Choice Of Microwave Equipment To Drying Cat Litter

- Jan 30, 2018 -

Litter drying Why microwave equipment preferred? Most traditional drying equipment for cat litter roller drying, but can not guarantee the integrity of cat litter, cat litter microwave drying equipment, it is easy to destroy the original shape of cat litter, resulting in particle fracture, size Different color is also difficult to guarantee, resulting in a direct result of the quality of finished products, resulting in the customer does not recognize or can not buy the price.

Now our company developed a new type of cat litter microwave drying equipment, the perfect solution to this problem. Litter cats only need to walk on the conveyor belt can be dried, and the drying time only takes about 3 minutes, cat litter microwave drying equipment supply, no need to scroll friction, resulting in unnecessary damage, short drying time and drying temperature only 45 degrees or so, its quality is very good, and the water into a good ball. Production can be customized according to needs.

Why do the best choice of microwave drying equipment, cat litter microwave equipment, cat litter drying equipment Features:

1, drying speed, time is short. 2, heating heating time, without preheating. Microwave heating materials, microwave materials can be absorbed in a very short period of time to reach the desired drying temperature. 3, high thermal efficiency. Microwave in the heating process, the material is heated at the same time, and the microwave directly on the material, therefore, microwave heating thermal efficiency higher than the conventional heating equipment. 4, without flip, both inside and outside into the drying, drying time is short, good drying quality. 5, low labor intensity, semi-automatic operation of the operator just press the button to monitor equipment operation equipment and visit the dryness of cat litter can be, only one or two people over the dry. 6, environmental protection and energy saving, improve product quality and economic value. 7, using the power as energy, the electric energy into microwave heating energy, without other water sources, hot air and other ancillary facilities, product pollution-free, good working environment workshop. 8, all stainless steel equipment, high temperature, corrosion-resistant, durable. 9, the equipment has drying observation window, in the tea drying process, can observe the material changes.