What are the characteristics of tofu cat litter?

- Feb 23, 2018 -

Tofu cat litter ingredients are natural fresh bean curd residue or natural plant fiber, the market can be seen in a wide variety of tofu sand derivatives. There are also some manufacturers to add a different flavor of tofu cat litter, such as: green tea, cherry, peach and so on, although the different flavor, but the effect is not much difference, shovel officialdom has a saying: flavor is the cat slaves The choice, the cat actually does not matter, the flavor of Taichong but let the cat offensive.

Tofu cat litter is an environmental type of cat litter, many cat slaves may be two lingering fear of formaldehyde events, the official has also made a statement, the regular manufacturers tofu sand or trustworthy.

Because of the natural ingredients of tofu sand, cats eat food will not be a problem, so for cats with gastrointestinal problems, tofu sand is a good choice, while tofu sand is water-soluble, after use can be thrown into the toilet flush Out, and some cat slaves used to spend the waste residue.

Of course, the choice of what type of cat litter or depends on their own choice, just like Chinese medicine, Wang Wenwen asked, different people open different prescriptions. Also suggest that friends do not replace the cat litter when a one-time replacement, you can first mix the two sand, and slowly reduce the amount of used sand, if the cat's reaction is strong, the reason is nothing less than two, one is the cat Not accustomed to, and the other is not suited to, and more to try a few, always find the most suitable for their home the Lord of the sand.