3 Strokes Picked Cat Litter Box, The Family Can Not Smell The Thick Smell, Shovel Officer No Longer Afraid

- Mar 01, 2018 -

Now more and more young people like to keep a cat at home, willing to be shovel officer. So the question is, shovel shit official how to shovel shit and how shovel it? In fact, this issue should not be tangled friends, as long as the election of the litter box, minute to make you more effective.

1, like cats come and go freely, the preferred semi-closed

The biggest advantage of semi-enclosed sands, is to facilitate the cats come and go freely, shovel feces officials clean it up is also convenient. At the same time, it is breathable as a whole, it can quickly dissipate the odor, and we also have an overview of the little cats in the inside action, do not have to worry about it carrying the shovel official funny.

Semi-enclosed large litter box, simple design, elegant color fresh, simple and wild home. To large space design, so that cats activities freely and not come in and out with sand. Good surface finish, shovel shovel official cleaning is also more convenient.

2, cat love privacy, all closed battle

For cats, cats also have privacy, creating a spacious and subtle toilet environment for them, which not only effectively secures the odor but also keeps the surrounding environment clean. It is done, it is also convenient for us, why not do it.

Single closed cat litter box, made of PP resin material, the use of environmentally friendly odor. And lightweight materials are also wear-resistant, three fresh colors to choose from, especially suitable for everyday home use. Overall closed design, to prevent cat litter take-away, helps to deodorant and clean.

3, when the super province more labor-saving, fully automatic election

As a shovel officer, although every day shovel small masters shit, but also do not want to shovel shit day. The birth of an automatic litter box really solved the problem for us. It has a motion sensor that detects the cat's entry and exit and quickly and automatically cleans up.