Pine Cat Litter Easy To Use ,pine Cat Litter Introduction

- Mar 05, 2018 -

In general cat litter is pulverized into small particles to simulate sand and provide water absorption, but also the use of silica gel and other physical desiccant particles. Usually add deodorant / preservatives and other chemical products, cat litter encounter water will condense into pieces, although easy to clean but it is recommended to use a special drain shovel. So pine cat litter easy to use? Let us take a look at it.

Pine cat litter easy to use?

1, pine cat litter is recycled pine as raw material, through a small amount of natural pine wood chips made of binder. Because of raw materials, the pine flavor will be obvious, not familiar with the taste of friends need to pay attention to.

2, the main advantage of pine cat litter is less dust, will not cause pollution to the home environment. Anti-penetration ability is also very strong, with better clumps and deodorant effect. After absorbing the urine will become a powder, etc. Almost all become powder after all can be lost, the service life is better than other types of cat litter.

3, to add a small advantage, the quality of pine litter is relatively light, there is strength for tearing Crap did not send sack Barbie, this is a boon. Of course, logistics is now so developed, the problem of weight to the courier brother, we are only responsible for demolition courier!

4, the main drawback of pine cat litter is easily damp to breed bacteria. As for the price, pine cat litter is less cost-effective, the price is also in the upper reaches. In addition, due to the heavy pine flavor, many cats or shovel officials may be very offensive.

5, also remind everybody, advocate environmental protection now, the production of pine cat litter should consume a lot of pine, although most manufacturers say pine sand environmental protection.

6, comprehensive consideration, I still recommend that you use bentonite cat litter or crystal cat litter, the two cat litter are more common, most cats are generally applicable, bentonite sand clumps better than pine sand, and other technology Development also overcome the dust of bentonite sand, for example, I am using Teddy Bentonite sand, the combined effect is good!