The Cats Who Show Off Their Homes Never Use Cat Litter Boxes. After Reading Pictures, They Are Impressed By Cats.

- Mar 06, 2018 -

The difference between a cat and a dog is that they know the house is at home all day long. It is precisely because of this that their urine is resolved at home, so many owners will give them a litter box, otherwise how can they be called " Shovel officer, "but some cats know how to save the owner!

Some time ago, a net friend showed off his cat on the Internet without using a litter box. All of a sudden, he caused a lot of heated discussion among scabs. Some thought it was normal, but most people came to the same conclusion. , that is - impossible, and ask the master to show evidence!

I did not expect the owner of the cat to actually have a set of pictures, and saw that the cat had a sloppy step on the toilet. It seemed that under the private circumstances, a lot of effort was made. Netizens saw this behind the scenes and expressed their opinions. I was greatly impressed by this cat. It's no wonder that the owner is so emboldened to say that his cat does not use a litter box. It was practiced!

However, some netizens ridiculed, if the cat did not stand firm, and plunged into the toilet, it would be paralyzed, if it takes a lot of trouble to take a bath!