Nine Kinds Of Mainstream Cat Litter Competition In The Market Are Revealed. How Do You Select The Type Of Cat Litter?

- Mar 07, 2018 -

Cat litter is a must-have item for cats. There are many types of cat litter in the market, and there are many different kinds of materials. There are also many choices on the material. Which kind of cat is most suitable for home fur baby? Most cat slaves consider the following factors: price, dust, deodorant power, and condensing force. In fact, the small kittens have large sand knowledge. Each cat litter has its own advantages and disadvantages. There is no cat. Sand is perfect. You can only select the type of traits that wool masters and cats love to use. Here are some of the common cat litters in the market that include advantages and disadvantages.

【Mineral sand】

Nine kinds of mainstream cat litter competition in the market are revealed. How do you select the type of cat litter?

In order to escape the natural enemies, cats don't let their excrement smell, and when they are exposed, they will bury the excrement in the soil. Therefore, the traditional mineral sand is more in line with the nature of cats.

Mineral sand can be said to be the most common type of cat litter. The composition is mostly clay and various types of ore. The gravel can envelop the feces, and when it meets the urine, it will condense into pieces. Mineral sand is similar to wild sand and can create a toilet for cats. Most cats are more acceptable.

If you are serious about dust and dust, the owner can buy clay. Because it is 99.9% dust-free, it reduces allergens, absorbs and coagulates quickly, and the superhard clumps are not easy to disperse. Natural ingredients can eliminate ammonia odor in the urine. Odor.

"The condensed cat litter made of clay will not cause dust to separate the desertification of the room."


Covering force and condensing force are generally better than other types, but still vary by brand.

Brands account for the largest number of products on the market. Feeders can choose different products according to their needs, such as grain thickness and aromatic ingredients.


Heavy weight, a lot of purchase and transportation troubles.

When cats clean their claws, they can easily eat dust and sand, which is unhealthy.

The particles are small, and the cats easily bring the sand particles out of the litter box, and the dust can also cause desertification in the home environment.

Dust is more, it is easy to cause allergies, most of them add artificial fragrance, it is easy to cause harm to the cat's respiratory system.

【Sawdust sand】

Nine kinds of mainstream cat litter competition in the market are revealed. How do you select the type of cat litter?

Sawdust sand is processed using wood chips of different wood residues. According to the nature of use, it can be divided into disintegration type and coagulation type. The "condensed type" is similar to the effect of mineral sand, and it is covered in the case of excreta. "Disintegration type In addition, the coating power of the stool is not strong, and the urine will turn into a powdery disintegration. A double-layer litter box is required, so that the litter, which has become powdered, will fall directly into the lower litter box. The owner only needs to clean it. The litter trays in the lower layer are just fine. The litter trays in the lower layer need only be covered with waste paper or newspapers with high water absorption capacity. The waste paper can be discarded when cleaning. If the upper layer of sawdust decreases after use, it only needs to continue. Add new sand.


The scent is fresher and more natural, and is more acceptable to cats than products with artificial flavors.

The particles are large and cannot easily be taken out of the basin. The floor of the home will not be dusty everywhere. It is easy to clean.

With a small amount of powder and dust, the used sand can be buried in the earth, with a natural woody fragrance and natural environmental protection.

Most of the wood shavings can be directly flushed into the toilet or buried in the soil after use. Please read the instructions carefully before purchasing.


Cats are generally more difficult to accept and may cause puppies to pee.

Some wood dust will add artificial essential oils and other harmful ingredients to cats, which may cause liver or respiratory damage.

Since the particles are large, the covering power for the stool is not strong, and it is difficult to cover up the odor, and the taste is easily dispersed in the air.

Condensation coating force and speed slower, if there are many cats at home, urine is easily dispelled by the next cat, resulting in easy cleaning.

【Bean curd sand】

Nine kinds of mainstream cat litter competition in the market are revealed. How do you select the type of cat litter?

The thin, short columnar shape pressed from bean slag has a faint scent of beans. It will condense into lumps after absorbing urine. Bean curd sand is an environmentally friendly natural food grade cat litter made from natural ingredients that can be used by nature. Decomposition, in case of urine will agglomerate, some brands of sand will change color, the owner is more likely to distinguish has been absorbed by urine, if you live in a small space such as suites, ventilation is not a good owner, you can also choose to add green tea powder To neutralize the odor.

<<Tofu sand is an environmentally friendly natural food grade cat litter made from natural ingredients that can be broken down by nature.


Lightweight and easy to handle.

Both the condensing force and the absorption force are strong.

No dust, condensation effect is excellent.

Environmental protection, natural raw materials, the owner is assured.

After use, it can be directly flushed into the toilet. If you inadvertently eat it, you need not worry too much.


Some cats will eat clean bean curd sand.

If the humidity in the house is heavy, it is prone to dampness and mildew and it is difficult to preserve.

The raw material is tofu, if the owner's health habits are not good, it is easy to produce moldy worms and grow bacteria.

【Corn sand】

Nine kinds of mainstream cat litter competition in the market are revealed. How do you select the type of cat litter?

Corn sand is made from natural corn, with a natural corn incense, can also be used directly into the toilet after use, do not have to worry about blocking the toilet or causing environmental pollution, do not have to smell the garbage truck, but also very convenient and easy to use environmental protection Cat litter.


Some brands add baking soda ingredients and the odor suppression is quite good.

Lightweight, it is very convenient for the girls to change the entire basin, using a single litter box.

The amount of dust is almost zero, sand is light, and the weight is lighter than other types of cat litter.

Very good condensing power, making cleaning more time-saving and convenient, but also can effectively save the amount of cat litter.


Be careful that some cats like to eat

Some people cannot accept the taste.

Moisture-sensitive, moisture-heavy environment is not suitable.

It is more susceptible to moisture deterioration and may grow smaller, resulting in unsanitary home environment.

【Crystal sand】

Crystal sand is a kind of cat litter which is chemical type. It looks like transparent crystal like crystal. It is made of non-toxic and harmless silica. Crystal cat litter is divided into 2 kinds, one kind is in case of urine will not change. Body, animal litter pads need to be laid on the bottom of the litter box, and the other crystal cat litter will become powdery in the urine, requiring a double litter box, so that the powdered litter can fall directly to the bottom.

Crystal sand with transparent small particles, placed in the litter basin feels relatively clean, there will be no other cat litter mixed with the feeling of excrement buried, if the owner cares about the problem of smell, you can choose crystal sand, but the crystal sand A somewhat transparent body may not be able to cater to the nature of the cat's buried excrement, and even some cats may refuse to use it.


No dust, dosage, and cleaning.

Light weight, save volume, easy to clean and easy to handle.

The microporous structure makes the crystal sand strong in urine and has good absorption power.

Under normal use, there is no dust problem and it will not harm the cat respiratory disease.


The price is slightly higher.

Can not cover the stool, easy to produce odor.

With small, transparent particles, it can't clot, making it difficult to monitor urine output.

If it is not replaced in a long time, it will still disintegrate and produce a little dust after it has been saturated with water.

Always change the bottom of the diaper pad, otherwise the underlying layer will accumulate cat's urine and breed bacteria.

The use of a double litter box and the use of a diaper pad to absorb the remaining urine, although extending the life of the crystal sand, requires regular replacement of the diaper pad.

Lazy Cat Litter

On the market, the gospel of Cat Saviour or Lazy Cat Slave is no longer required to shovel cat litter, no coagulation, no shoveling, and no disintegration of cat litter for 30 days. Cost, environmental protection and practical, especially suitable for multi-cat families, the exclusive patented technology will decompose urine and odor, waiting for the water to evaporate, the cat litter resumed as new, can be reused for 30 days without any odor.


Disperses faint scent, instantaneously makes spade for one second become relieving pressure behavior.

Saying goodbye to the traditional cool grey shades, the pink sand is suitable for the owner of the girl's heart.

After the product absorbs the urine, it will not be able to coagulate the cat litter. Simply throw it away and discard it. The whole pot will be drained after one month.


The amount of dust is not small.

Unable to observe urine volume.

After the urine pink to cherry red, it can not detect whether the cat's hematuria problems.

<30 days without shoveling cat litter with bright pink sand, enhance the visual fun, beautify the space, feel happy>

【Sawdust Sand (Pine Wood Sand)】

It is made from the remaining wood chips and has a natural woody aroma. According to the nature of the use, it can be divided into two types: disintegration type and condensation type. The “condensed” wood chip sand has the same effect as the mineral sand, and the excrement will cover the condensation. The “disintegration type” means that the coating force is weak for the stool, and the urine will disperse into a powder and must be used in combination with the double. Layer litter pots. Some cats use sawdust sand to adapt to the time, can be mixed with the old sand, and then gradually increase the proportion of new sand.

Some wood chips will add essential oils and other harmful ingredients to cats. After exposure, they may cause damage to the liver or respiratory tract. It is recommended that the owner choose a more natural type, and add no natural woody smell. It is recommended that the owner first smell and then smell. Purchase to ensure the health of the cat.


Used sand can be buried in soil or flushed into the toilet, which is very environmentally friendly.

The amount of province, less dust, large particles, easy to clean, not easily out of the basin.


The effect of coagulation coating is worse than that of mineral sand.

The poor covering power makes it difficult to conceal the stench of feces.

It becomes difficult to absorb urine odor after several weeks of use.

Many cats are not very fond of it, which may cause cats to pee and pee.

【Paper sand】

Paper sand is a kind of natural environment-friendly sand. It looks like a single cotton ball. After absorbing the cat's urine, it will expand and become bigger. When cleaning, the paper sand will be scooped up and thrown away, and then the new paper will be added. Sand can be, paper sand is made of raw materials for environmental recycling, so some paper sand smells like ink, and attention should be paid to the acceptance of cats. Made of recycled paper, it absorbs urine and becomes dark and lumps.


Environmental protection can be recycled.

Large particles are not easily taken out of the basin.

With good water absorption, most cat urine will be absorbed.

No dust, easy to clean, light weight, easy to handle.

It is not easy to be attached to cats. It is suitable for cats with wounds.


Cat urine is prone to sour.

Poor condensation, expensive, deodorant effect is less than ideal.

Lighter weight, easy to turn over if cats step on the edge of the litter box.

The coating effect is poor and it is easy to expose the stool to produce odor.

Ball sand

Ball sand is soft and slippery. It is a cat litter made of chemicals. Ball sand will not change shape in the case of urine, and it will not absorb urine. So you need to use a double litter box to allow urine to flow to the litter box below. Need to use a diaper pad (a bit like quartz sand).

The ball sand will decompose the odor in the urine, and the urine will flow to the lower cat litter box so that the diaper pad absorbs the urine, and after the ball sand discolors and changes again, the owner needs to replace the lower diaper pad every day.


Not floor sofas are sand.

Deodorant strength, almost no urine odor.

No dust problem will cause cat respiratory health hazards.


Cats with habitual condensation sand may take some time to adapt.

The ball of sand is easy to use and is used as a toy by the cat.

Although the urine can be filtered to achieve deodorization, there is no way to completely cover the stool.

【Testing cat litter】

Cats are very reluctant animals, and it is generally difficult for feeders to see that they are sick. If it is obvious that cats are unwell, it means that they are unbearable. Cats do not express physical discomfort and are easily misunderstood by the owner. Feeling bad and delaying medical treatment.

The detection of cat litter, as its name implies, is a new type of cat litter that can help the owner detect early cat urinary tract disease. It can assist in checking the cat's urine phlegm value, allowing you to simply absorb cat litter from your urine. Know if the cat urinary tract is healthy. (eg cystitis, bladder stones, urethral obstruction, bladder infections, etc.)


Light weight, no dust, rapid water absorption, strong deodorization, health and environmental protection, consumption.

The color of the sand resolves the physical condition of the cat and assists the main home health check to allow early detection of the disease.

Only once a month to use Jianjian sand, you can understand the cat's urinary tract health status, the first time to be treated.


The amount of dust is not small.

Please apply it separately to avoid color analysis being affected and unable to judge correctly.

Because the main helper is to detect cats with lower urinary tract diseases earlier, the coagulation power is far from satisfactory.