Newly Changed The Pine Cat Litter, The Cat Owner Is Not Used, Would Prefer To Take Care Of The Urine On The Ground How To Do?

- Mar 09, 2018 -

Your cat's owner does not have to change the cat litter. It is not the same taste. The second is that the foot is not the same, it takes time to adapt, but also to give it a cat littermate.

Focus... You are still trading with pine cat litter ( ́-ι_-`)|||. Many cat friends say that pine wood sand is very economical, because it is made of wood and has almost no dust. It is very healthy for cats and people. I also tried it before. It was very environmentally friendly. I could just pour it off the toilet. I had also tried to train my master, Miy, to use the toilet to go to the toilet. It was also successful. Hahahahaha... ◕)

By the way to share the success of training my master Shimi toilet:

It is to use the online training circle to use the toilet to use it. At the beginning, it should always be familiar with it.

The cat litter used for training is pine. It is convenient to flush the toilet directly. The training circle can be slowly removed in a circle.

In the end, it will basically use cat litter, it will still go to pull, pull the end will be loaded like a shaver ...., and later not because it often grabbed the toilet with me, ha ha ha ha ha, when I was on It's just outside and it's been too long. It's just pulling out.... Hey, then he's used it to get back an independent cat toilet. Still a sense of accomplishment.. hahahahaha.

The content of formaldehyde in pine wood sand is quite serious, and the sense of smell of the master son is more sensitive than ours. It is normal to not love it. It is recommended to buy pine wood sand with good reputation, and pine wood sand is not expensive anyway.

Another problem is the problem of foot feelings. I don't know what kind of cat litter was used before. However, the feeling of pine wood sand to the master can almost be imagined to be bad. I tried it myself and I was pretty good at it. So suddenly you have changed the pine wood sand that is not very comfortable, and you can't blame your master.

If you want to insist on using pine wood for masters, and feel that less dust is more healthy, you can try the following layer of pine wood sand. The upper layer is the original cat litter, and the time will change slowly so that the master can adapt to excessive Just fine, the master still uses pine wood sand.

In fact, you do not have to use pine wood cat litter, I think the bentonite cat litter deodorant effect, agglomeration better. Pine wood cat litter, in general I think it is OK, deodorant effect is better. In fact, bentonite cat litter is still relatively easy to use. At least it is better than pine wood sand. After all, it is more common to buy bentonite, but bentonite cat litter does have more dust, so you should pay attention when choosing. Bentonite sand is very hygroscopic and can quickly absorb the moisture in the excrement and form a mass. Condensation cat litter solves the problem of urine, can condense urine into pieces and remove them together. If you encounter diarrhea, you will succeed in sucking up and there is no longer any trouble with ordinary cat litter. When the condensed litter gradually consumes, you can add new litters to the cat litter at any time and do not have to give up.